1966 Ford Galaxie 7 Litre

We purchased this car in Texas in September, 2010. The car was built in California and spent a good portion of its life there. We believe we are the fourth owners of the car. The car had all of its original power train and the body appeared to be in good shape. It also came with all of the 7 Litre badges and was driveable. The car was red when we bought it (see images).  However, the car was delivered from Ford in Antique Bronze and was painted a couple of times thereafter (rust color, parchment white, and red).

1966 Galaxie 7 LITRE 003
1966 Galaxie 7 LITRE 009
We decided to paint the car a gold color and started the body work. After starting the body work, we noticed that the package tray was completely rusted. After further investigation, we discovered that the car had been hit in the drivers rear quarter; that collision popped the rear window.  When the body work was done after the collision, the rear window was not repaired properly and water got into the seal and dripped onto the package tray. It proceeded to rust out the package tray and much of the trunk. We ended up having to replace much of the rear end of the car using a parts car (see pictures).

2011 830
2011 828
2011 837
2011 817
2011 818
2011 824       2011 835
2011 840
The car came with its original 428 V8 motor and C6 transmission. We decided to cam it, add headers, GT heads, and a bigger carburetor. For some reason (detuning?), Ford sold the 7 Litre with a 420 cfm carburetor, which we decided to replace with a 750 cfm double pumper carburetor. We also decided to add larger exhaust pipes to help the engine breathe better.

2011 827
2011 826
2011 825
The car now is a beautiful gold color similar to its original. But now the car sounds like a muscle car, which Ford should have built in the first place. We are looking forward to driving the car to shows all over central and southern Minnesota this summer. Maybe we will see you at a show! We have already won a 1st place trophy with the 7 Litre for best in its class this summer!

2011 855
2011 856
2011 857
2011 832
The 7 Litre continues to draw crowds at the car shows that we have went to this summer. Jerry won a Sponsor Trophy for best in his class a few weeks ago at Mounds View, MN!!  The car runs as good as it looks, the car just likes to go fast! It is really a fun ride.



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  1. Jacques Patenaude says:

    Hello Wild Creek guy`s
    I’m happy to see what a wonderful job you did with your 7-litre. Nice job. I have the same passion. I’m presently restoring two 7-litre convertible Q-code as a hobby #6G63Q126668 and #6G63Q213279. I would very much enjoy making contact with one of you for information purposes, parts, emblems, and body trim. I am also interested in knowing whether you have some parts for sale. Thank you. For your information, I also own a 1968 1969 and a 1970 Mustangs and a 1930 Hot Rod. I can wait to park those two 7- litres beside them.
    From a Canadian friend in Ottawa Ontario

  2. lilly Eleanor says:

    AtSay is this that broken down old puddle jumper that comes to the Northfield Shows if it is didnt get a chan e to pick on you! Hope to see you next spring with that tired old gold boat!! Be safe!

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  4. dave buckner says:

    Just got a 66 7 litre. I’m looking for a rear package tray in good condition

  5. Jim Cowen says:

    The Automodello 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7-Litre Hardtop model in 1:24 scale is being created because Carla and Jerry responded to a Hemming’s contest. Their car is available as an Enthusiasts Edition in Antique Gold on http://www.diecasm.com.

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