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2010 Chevy Silverado 2500HD

We did some touch up work on this truck and added fender flares. Looks like a new truck again!

1961 Ford Ranchero *FOR SALE*

FOR SALE! 1961 Ford Ranchero $12,000 or best offer. 302 with auto transmission, fresh new two-tone paint, black interior. Please contact Jerry @ 651-398-3557 or click here for other contact info. Click here for more pictures of the Ranchero.

1961 Ranchero

We picked up a 1961 “Hotrod” Ranchero. 302 engine with an auto tranny. AND she will be FOR SALE soon! More info to come! Before… Body work… First paint color… Our man Jeremy taping off for second color and second color sprayed… Let’s check out the color combo! Nice! Waiting for paint to dry… Time to make this girl shiny! Clear coat done! Hood work… Engine pic…

1968 El Camino SS

We recently received a 1968 El Camino SS for restoration. Here are a few more photos of our El Camino SS project! Progress is being made on the El Camino!

1955 Ford F100 Pickup (For Sale)

This is a 1955 Ford F100 pickup, which has used parts from a couple of other parts trucks that we have in the yard. All of the body work has been done and primed. This project is for sale and have several different options of motors and/or transmissions for anyone who may be interested. Please contact Jerry at Wild Creek.

January 27, 2011..

We have almost completed the work on the frame of the pickup and are about ready to put the body parts back on the frame for paint. We hope to have the truck completed by early summer. Stay tuned for more pictures!