1955 Ford F100 Pickup (For Sale)

This is a 1955 Ford F100 pickup, which has used parts from a couple of other parts trucks that we have in the yard. All of the body work has been done and primed. This project is for sale and have several different options of motors and/or transmissions for anyone who may be interested. Please contact Jerry at Wild Creek.

January 27, 2011..

We have almost completed the work on the frame of the pickup and are about ready to put the body parts back on the frame for paint. We hope to have the truck completed by early summer. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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  1. Chris Weber says:

    How much would you sell it for as just a rolling chassis? No motor/tranny..

  2. Pauline Mollet says:

    How can I get an estimate on the cost to restore a 1965 Pontiac Lemans? It has been parked for years and has rust. The motor worked fine when park, but now does not start.

  3. jesse wilie says:

    im interested in this 55. please contact me.



  4. 239 Ford-Randy says:

    How Much?
    Got a frame.
    Whats different about a 55, just the grille.
    Got any 239 blocks?
    Randy in Hastings, MN

    • GSAdmin17 says:

      Good evening, Randy,
      We are currently working on the ’55 pickup and hope
      to have it completed by spring. If you have any other
      questions, please contact Jerry at (651) 398-3557.

      Thank you for your interest in our project.


  5. Randy Bielec says:

    Jerry, noticed some bondo on the front cowls. Could this have been avoided by welding new ones in place, or did you weld new ones in place and you needed the bondo anyway. What is a cab worth.

  6. Westley St. Pierre says:

    Hi, I am from Louisiana and I currently drive a 2010 ford and I been wanting to start restoring a 1955 ford f100. I am interested in purchasing the frame, body, doors and so forth. I would like to restore the whole thing from the ground up eith modern technology but classic look. After getting it functional I would make it my every day vehicle and sell me other truck. I’m wondering if you guys or if you guys know of a place or a person that can help me locate the pieces so I can begin this project. Thanks.

  7. warren day. says:

    I’m am new to the restoring classic car seen !! Lol my main question is I’m thinking about buying a 71 dodge charger 500 its dark green now and it runs with a 383, it had a 2 bbl carb now has a 4 bbl I’m kinda woundering ( ball park figure ) with little body work needed what would it run me to paint this bright yellow complealy and make it.look hot !!! Thank you.

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