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Kenyon, MN “Rose Fest” Car Show 2014

  We had yet another great weekend! The 1960 Sunliner and 1966 7 Litre made another appearance at the Kenyon Rose Fest Car Show. There were 130 cars registered so there was a variety to check out! The 7 Litre even road away with another award and the Sunliner dang close. We will have to head that way again next year. They had a lot going on we recommend you make the trip to check out! Here are some pics...

Pin Up Girls

PIN UP Girl Fun We recieved a couple photos from the GSTA Car Show. MN Ups Magazine asked to use the 1960 Ford Sunliner for some shots! More to come…

First Show of the Season!

First car show of the season for Wild Creek is in the books! Had a great time at the GSTA Car Show! The weather even cooperated and brought in A LOT of people. There were so many good looking cars to see and the Ford 7 Litre and Ford Sunliner got a lot of attention and compliments. To end the weekend we had two unexpected surprises. The 7 Litre was awarded “Outstanding in Class” and the debut of the Sunliner got us a “First Place” award. Thank you GSTA and thank you to all the people that stopped by to check out the cars and talk. We love hearing the stories about your cars or parents cars and answering questions. Again we had a blast! Here are a few pictures of our winners.


GSTA Car Show 2014

The GSTA (Gopher State Timing Association) Car Showfacebook(Like GSTA on Facebook)
April 5-6, 2014! Come check us out!
Click the images below to see more about the Sunliner and 7-Litre
that will be making an appearance this year!

The Sunliner
1961 Ford Sunliner

The 7-Litre
1966 Ford 7 Litre Galaxie