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Car Show Page Added to the Site!

We added a new page to give you a convenient place to locate car shows across MN. This list will updated weekly as we receive more info. Currently it is listings for the remainder of this year (2015) but we have started the 2016 list which will have spring-fall. Feel free to comment or email Jodi at to share info on shows we may not have listed or even your towns event.

Henderson Classic Car Roll-in June 9, 2015

Every Tuesday night in Henderson, MN they put on a Classic Car Roll-in. ( 100’s of cars and bikes bringing in people from all over of all ages. There are food and drinks, vendors, and so much more. If you are ever in the area we suggest you check it out! (you don’t need to bring a car to have a great time) Wild Creek brought the Sunliner and Galaxie. Here is a handful of the cars we saw at...