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Back to the 50’s 2014 Recap!

We came we saw! So much to check out, we had a great weekend at Back to the 50’s! Check out “On the Road” with Wild Creek for a quick recap!

1961 Ranchero

We picked up a 1961 “Hotrod” Ranchero. 302 engine with an auto tranny. AND she will be FOR SALE soon! More info to come! Before… Body work… First paint color… Our man Jeremy taping off for second color and second color sprayed… Let’s check out the color combo! Nice! Waiting for paint to dry… Time to make this girl shiny! Clear coat done! Hood work… Engine pic…

1964 Mercury Marauder

1964 Marauder restoration project in the works! The Merc is getting some body work done! More progress pics on the Marauder! 3/16/2015 The Marauder got some more primer and interior work done. We decided to bed liner the inside. 3/25/2015

1958 Ford Skyliner

Restoring the 1958 Skyliner…

1958 Edsel

We purchased and restored this 1958 Edsel. It has a Ford 429 big block engine.